Place a request for a custom commission

Place your request for a custom commission below! Please provide as many pictures and colour examples as you can, and I will see what I can make for you. Give all the info listed below if you want a speedy price quote. Missing info causes many emails and delays in your end result. 

For a price quote/custom commission I need all of the following info:
– The design (with a link to a photo, drawing or reference sheet, images cannot be attached to this system so it needs to be a link.)
– The colours if the correct ones aren’t on the image requested above (so a link to a photo example or pantone colours)
length of the ears, tail or horns in centimetres.

You can read the FAQ here.
We are taking commissions for tails, ears, horns and adjacent products like antennae. We are currently not taking commissions for fursuits, puppets, handpaws, feetpaws and wings. Check the FAQ for more info.


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Please DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. If it has a typo, I cannot contact you back. If you have not received any reply within 24 hours please assume that either your emailadress had a mistake in it, or the contact form is not working properly. If so, please send an email to with your question. Thank you!