Match my ears to my wig

15.00 incl VAT

With this upgrade, I will match your ears to your wig! In the order notes, please add a link to the product photo of the wig, and I will do my best to match that colour as closely as possible with the help of my extensive collection of faux furs and/or my airbrush. Instructions are in the first photo!

– Note that I will be matching my work to a photo of your wig, so how well my work and your wig match depends on how accurate the photo of the wig is. Arda wig product photo’s are in my experience spot on, but if you order from Wish or Alieexpress, please be sure the real wig actually matches the photo before asking me to airbrush the ears just in case, since sites like that sometimes use less accurate photo’s.
– Note that neon or glitter colours require additional communication before purchase do to the complexity of copying those colours.
– Note that monitor/screen settings might vary between you and me so the colour you see on your screen might be slightly different then what I see so minor difference might occur there too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Often this purchase will not be necessary since I might have an exact faux fur in the colour you need, meaning it won’t cost me any more effort and time so I can add it for free. But if your colour needs additional work like hand-sewing certain parts because I can’t airbrush a specific colour or getting specific paints to do the job, I will have to unfortunately ask for this surcharge to cover for my extra work. Please communicate with me before your purchase, so that I will be able to tell you what I can do for you!


All products are made by hand so products might vary slightly. This makes your item unique!

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