Spirit Gum/Mastix 2ml


Add a bottle of 2ml to your order!
You need this to glue the polymer horns and Larp horns we sell to your skin. This is the glue used in films and theater for prosthetic such as beards and Elf ears. 


Always check if you are allergic to make-up by applying a small amount to your hand.
Spread mastix evenly on the surface. Then apply to skin. Press firmly until hardened. Remove with make-up remover or water and soap. Do not apply on eyes or hair.

This is regular mastix, not the hydro/waterbased kind. This is not handmade, simply an additional option for those who do not have this material yet. This mastix is not suitable for those with skin conditions. Buying and applying mastix sold by Custom Costumes is on your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for bad or allergic reactions to the mastix.

NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE! This is an orde upgrade only, please do not ask me to ship just a single bottle please!

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