Surprise Me! Horns

45.00105.00 incl VAT

Surprise yourself with a completely unique custom horns! I will create a surprise just for you. These horns will not appear in the webshop later, they will be completely unique and as special as your budget will allow. €40 will give you a basic set of horns in a structure/colour that isn’t in the shop. €50 will give you a set with unique shapes and features and possibly jewellery. For €100 you will get a set that’s big or has many colours or decorations. The species will also be a surprise. The horns will be shipped as a complete surprise and a design choice will not be discussed beforehand.
Should any practical issues be taken into account like you need them for a dance/stunt show or similar issues, it will only be taken into account if emailed about beforehand, not after ordering.
You can choose for natural colours (brown, white, black, ginger ect) or bright colours (red, yellow, purple, blue ect).
Length and species: Surprise!
Attachment style: Foam base with spirit gum option, or hairband. Your choice! You can find examples of either in the shop.


All products are made by hand so products might vary slightly. This makes your item unique!

This product takes 2-3 weeks to craft. For shipping times click here. 

Prefer a silver diadem instead of a black one? Click here to change that.

Use: Put a thin layer of Spirit Gum on the foam base of the horns, and let it slightly dry until tacky. Then apply to skin. Avoid contact with hair. 
After use: Pull off gently. Remove remaining adhesive from the skin with adhesive remover, make-up remover or soap. Leave the adhesive on the horns, as it aids the glueing process next time. This way, the horns will stick progressively easier.

For info on Care click here.

Horns are standard sold without spirit gum, which can bought here.

Once ordered, you will recieve an email with the order details. When the order is completed, you wil recieve another email. Shipping times, Care for the product and other info can be found in all the listings. Track and trace codes will be send in a seperate email from the postal service, send to the email provided in the billing info. If there are any questions, feel free to check our FAQ here, or email to

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Natural Colours Basic €45, Natural Colours Luxury €55, Bright Colours Basic€45, Bright Colours Luxury €55, Natural Colours Extravagance theme €105, Bright colours Extravagance theme €105


No, Yes, black 5mm, Yes, black 3mm, Yes, silver 5mm