After Dark Care

How to care for After Dark Tails:

If you have chosen a non-airbrushed tail, we highly advise washing them regularly to avoid build-up of bacteria. To do this, use the following instructions:

  • Remove plug from the tail.
  • Wash the tail in the washing machine at MAX 30 degrees Celcius on wool-wash mode or delicates wash mode, preferably with laundry detergent for wool or delicates in the correct colour.
  • Brush the fur gently into the correct position.
  • Let airdry for 7 days in a warm place, but not directly near a heatsource like a spaceheater, hairdryer or open fire. (same room is good, but do not hang it over your space heater ect). Hanging it too close to a heatsource will cause the fur to crinkle and bend irreparably.

How to care for a silicone plug:

  • remove the tail
  • use silicone-approved toy cleaner according to the instructions on the package.
  • Wash with warm water and dry.

Any failure to adhere to these instructions will void all warranty.