Returns and Refunds

Cancellations, Returns and Refunds,
Returns are only accepted if the customer communicated in written format within 14 days of (estimated) arrival of the purchase. The desired return can be noted via
Returns are expected to arrive back at Custom Costumes within 14 days of returned shipping unless otherwise agreed upon.
If the return is warrented by all accounts, the original purchase shall be fully refunded by Custom Costumes unelss otherwise agreed upon.
The customer will always send an email regarding the desired return and refund before shipping.
The customer will be held responsible for all costs regarding the return should the return not be warrented and all obligations mentioned in this document be adherred to. 
Custom Orders cannot be returned or traded.
Buyer is always responsible for the shipping costs to and back from Custom Costumes.
Any outside modifications (that have not already been given permission to by Custom Costumes) voids the warranty and any adjustments/repair thereafter will require payment.
This warranty will NOT cover natural wear and tear, self-inflicted damage, damage by third parties, and wrong information given by the customer.

Cancelling an order is not possible after 5 business days of purchasing. Should a cancellation after this happed it can be handled in one of two ways:
– The client can buy the product in the state it is currently in, for the value estimated by Custom Costumes (for example, the head in half-finished state, or the materials). The value will be decided by the amount of work put into it, the amount of costs that are put into it, and the down payment, if applicable, will be taken into account.
– Or, if so desired, the client can forfeit all rights and claims to the product after all legal obligations have been taken care of, and leave it with Custom Costumes. Custom Costumes then gets the right to sell, remake or refurbish the product as they see fit. This will include a direct sale of the suit to another buyer. Custom Costumes does not have to, but will attempt to, make the product different then your character. The client will forgo all rights and claims to the suit so cannot complain about this product’s existence with and to another buyer.
We hold the right to refuse and refund at our own choice.