Add Surprise Jewellery

5.0025.00 incl VAT

Add a set of surprise jewellery to your ears! You will get either earrings or a charm or flatback jewellery added to your ears. These will be a complete surprise and will be chosen on what I think might look good on your chosen ears and can include jewellery that’s not on this site.

For examples of how much jewellery €5, €25 or €15 can buy you please check here and here. These surprise designs come with a wider range of options, one of a kind pieces and intricate possibilities.

Please note that all earrings and charms are silver or gold plated, or are partially nickel. Not advised for those with metal allergies.
These earrings will be pierced through the fabric or glued on so please do not lift the ears by them or pull them.
If you order multiple sets, please leave a note in the order (just below the address form) which set of ears you want this to apply to.

Additional information

Jewellery set

€5, €15, €25

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