Add an Earring

2.00 incl VAT

Add earrings to your ears! Each earring costs €2 and you can add as many as you like. Purchase this listing multiple times for multiple earrings. Choose a position (see image 3), choose the earring and then choose the correct ear. An example photo has been added in the images of the Cat in Brown, Nekopara Chocolat Ears, with 3 silver small earrings added to them, showing the order, and how it will look in your basket.

Please note that all earrings and charms are silver or gold plated, or are partially nickel. Not advised for those with metal allergies.
These earrings will be pierced through the fabric so please do not lift the ears by them or pull them.
The small earrings are unnoticeable in unshaven faux fur, such as with bunny ears, since they’d disappear in between the fur, the large ones are advised for such occasions.

Want to add a charm to one of the earrings? Click here!

Additional information

Position Earrings

Position A, Position B, Position C, Position D


16. Gold large earring, 17. Gold small earring, 18. Silver large earring, 19. Silver small earring, None

Which Ear

Left Ear (photo right, your left), Right Ear (photo left, your right)

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