Fox in Ginger, Red and Beige Ears and Tail, Custom Order

177.50 incl VAT

Luxury faux fur in bright orange fur on the back and Made to the model of photo but in off-white and off-white fur in the front, with dark brown airbrushed ear tips on the back and black airbrushed diamonds in the inner ears and ginger shading in the inner ears. The ears have notches cut out with a bit or airbrushed red around that, and come with a wire insert for stability, gold loops earrings, an old gold chain and the little rinestones in the ear base. Attached to a metal black hairband. Made to match the model in photo 2, with the ginger fur of photo 3.
Length: 15cm
Hairband: 5mm wide black aluminium (as seen on the photo). To choose another free option (silver or extra thin), please click here. The ears are always made with the 5mm black hairband unless otherwise requested.  
You can add an earring to the ears here, or a charm here.

Long haired luxury faux fur in dark orange with an off-white sewn on tail tip and ginger airbrushed transition between the two furs. Also comes with an  airbrushed bright red base of the tail, and bright red diamond shaped outlines, plus a creme solid diamon shape and about 10 small diamond shapes airbrushed on. It has 2 belt loops sewn into the base. Made to match the design in photo 4 but in the midel of photo 5 and the furs of photo 6.
Length: 100cm

Custom Order Info:
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