Free Change of Diadem

0.00 incl VAT

Switch out the standard black diadem for a silver one or an extra thin black one.
PLEASE READ, and follow, these instructions upon ordering this upgrade:

– All sets come with the standard black hairband unless you notify me via this upgrade that you want another one.
– The extra thin black version is not advised for ears over 13cm tall for stability reasons, if you happen to upgrade your order with the extra thin diadem but ordered big ears, I will use the standard black one regardless to ensure the product will be sturdy enough.
– Please also add a note to your order (after filling in your address) which hairband goes with which set of ears if you ordered multiple pairs.
– Cosear Covers are meant for on the Cosgear ears, and come without hairband. Adding this upgrade to that product will not turn the ears into regular hairband ears, or grant you a free hairband. It will be assumed you made a mistake and will be ignored.

Add this item to your shopping cart to notify me of the change.