League of Legends , Thresh Spirit Blossom Horns

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Smooth horn in purple and neon purple and a high gloss finish. These horns are very light and can be glued onto your face with the help of skin adhesive (Spirit Gum) or can come attached to a hairband (these horns cannot be detached from the hairband). For more information, read the instructions on care below.
Length: 8cm for the long one, 5cm for the short one.

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Prefer a silver diadem instead of a black one? Click here to change that.

Use: Put a thin layer of Spirit Gum on the foam base of the horns, and let it slightly dry until tacky. Then apply to skin. Avoid contact with hair. 
After use: Pull off gently. Remove remaining adhesive from the skin with adhesive remover, make-up remover or soap. Leave the adhesive on the horns, as it aids the glueing process next time. This way, the horns will stick progressively easier.

For info on Care click here.

Horns are standard sold without spirit gum, which can bought here.

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Loose horns, Attached to hairband