After Dark Upgrade (18+ only!)

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This upgrade replaces the regular belt loops that come with each tail with a large snap fastener on a short band. You can then attach the tail to anything with a large loop like a carabinier hook, a keychain or the plugs for which this system is specifically designed. Mind that this is not a belt loop and the snaps are not designed to be worn and walked around with all day, like convention wear. For that, we advise a tail with regular belt loops.

Silicone anal plugs made by Renegade with a ring on the base where you can attach our After Dark Upgrade tails. We advise using these plugs with water-based lube.
Length: Small 7,6cm, Medium 9,1cm, and Large 11,4cm. The plug in the photo is a size Small.
We highly advise the small plug for small tails only, like the bunny tails. Medium for cat tails and big for more voluminous tails like Umbreon.
Do not pull out the tail by the snaps or fabric loop, but always by the plug to avoid unnecessary strain on the seams.

 For care for the tails and plug please visit here.


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